Study Abroad

Along with the growth in the higher education system in India, the number of Indian students studying outside the country has also been growing. Australia continues to be the most attractive destination for students from India after USA.

Studying abroad is one of the most beneficial experiences for a college student. A student who studies abroad gets to see the world, gets exposed to different styles of education, gets exposed to new culture and finds opportunity to hone the language skills, thereby gets access to potential job opportunities.

At Young Logix, we prepare you to gain the knowledge you will require to study in an international destination.

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The following two services are available for a student to study abroad:

Pathway to Australia


Study in USA/UK/Poland


Pathway to Australia


36 Weeks Pathway
Program in Home Country

au globe

Bachelor Degree in
Australia + Part time job


2 Years Post Study Work Visa in
Australia: Extend your stay &
gain International Experience.

For who is the program designed?

Students who have finished their intermediate in India.
Students who are goal oriented.
Students who want to master the requirements of an increasingly global career world.
Students who want to settle well early in life.
Students who want to save money and gain the same benefit of studying abroad.

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Benefits of the pathway program

  • Academic Excellency
  • Head Start your career
  • Higher Job Opportunities
  • Get Australian recognized qualification before entering the country
  • Lifetime access to Aston student community
  • Save Finances
  • Save on Time
  • Exemptions towards your study via blended learning

Additional benefits of the Pathway program

Australian recognised qualification before entering the country.
Lifetime access to Aston Student community.
On completion of Bachelor’s degree, students obtain work visa for two years and apply for permanent visa if they meet all immigration requirements. Popular courses are Business and IT.
We provide all support required for visa application and also support required for career guidance after the completion of their education in Australia.

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Study in USA/UK/Poland

More International students study in the USA than other countries as USA offers the following benefits

  • Quality Education: USA has the world’s finest education system with extraordinary programs in all the fields. U.S. degrees are recognized throughout the world for their excellence.
  • Diversity of opportunities: In the USA, classes will consist of students of all ages, religions, and countries of origin, which provides good learning experience, encourages cross-cultural understanding and networking.
  • Employment opportunities: International Students can work in a job while studying up to 20 hours a week. Students gain real world job experience.
  • Flexibility: There will be a wide variety of course choices which meets students requirements.
  • Support Services for International Students: Studying in the USA is a rich experience and at the same times it throws a lot of challenges. USA has a strong support network which makes you feel more welcome.
  • Innovation and Research: There is a greater scope for scientific research and innovation. Many programs offer training and teaching opportunities, which enables students to work as teaching assistants to undergraduates and/or research assistants on special projects exploring different aspects of your field of study.
United States of America

UK universities or colleges will offer world-class teaching, and prepare you for the global workplace.

  • UK offers High Quality education: UK education is recognised worldwide by colleges, universities and Institutions
  • UK offers an interesting living experience: UK has a long and fascinating history, beautiful architecture and is famous across the world for its literature, music, films and of course football.
  • If you plan carefully and think about cost-saving strategies, the cost of living in  the UK need not be prohibitive.
  • You’ll find wide variety of cuisine, strong transport links, famous music festivals and international sporting championships.
  • Other major advantages: Courses in the UK are generally shorter than many other countries, thus help to reduce tuition fees and accommodation costs. You might be able to work while you study.
United Kingdom

Polish universities present the highest standards of teaching, meet all quality criteria and are becoming more and more international. Polish specialists of all professions are highly appreciated worldwide.
The quality of the education system is guaranteed by State Accreditation Committee, which monitors all Polish higher education institutions. Poland offers many advantages to International students.

  • High Quality Education: Poland has around 450 Higher Education Institutions offering high quality education.
  • Low cost of study and living: The cost of living is much lower in Poland compared to other countries. To cover the basic costs of accommodation, food and transport, a student need to spend between 200-500 Euros. The cost of study is also much lower. The average is 2000-5000 a year.
  • Vibrant Cultural life: Partying, sports, music festivals, film festivals, hanging out with friends, going out of town for the weekends, etc. are the great attractions for living in Poland. No one ever regrets choosing Poland.
  • High level of personal security: It is much safer to live in Poland than rest of the European countries. The crime rate is very low. It is absolutely safe for International students from different regions.