Internships offer hands-on opportunity to students to work in their desired field of work. They learn how to apply their course of study to the real world and get valuable experience that make them the right candidates for jobs after graduation. Many organizations are recognizing the value of internship programs and the way they help them choose the right candidate in the recruitment process.

Any student can enrol at younglogix for a paid Internship program which will be of varied durations of 3, 6 and 12 months.
In some colleges, internship forms a part of the course and has a credit. At younglogix, we do have tie up with the colleges, undertake the responsibility of Internship, which will be an unpaid Internship program.

Benefits of our Internship program

  • Opportunity to work with technology and equipment
  • Opportunity to work with different managers with different leadership qualities
  • Exposure to Real world problems
  • Strengthens your Resume
  • Expand network of relations and contacts
  • Helps to develop commitment to social ethics and helps develop social responsibility.
  • Helps to develop adaptability and creativity

How crucial Internship is in the life of a job seeker, is  evident by  NITI Aayog , a think tank of Government of India’s, calls for government Internship applications every month from 1st to 10th on their website.


Students who opt for Internship program at Young Logix should fulfill the following eligibility criteria.

You should be of 20-21 years of age.

Should be a final year student from Computer Science, IT, Electronics& Communication, B.Sc(Computers).

Type of Project

Project I

Project II

Project III






(in Months)





40,000 INR

30,000 INR

20,000 INR

                      How does the Intern Benefit ?

An experience certificate will be awarded according to tenure.

The Internship certificate is valid across India & Australia.

Job Assistance will be provided by us.

Career Guidance (only for Program I & II).

A minimum of one Project work , which can be submitted as his Final Year Project.



We have paid and unpaid internships.

We assist college students in completing the internship allotted by their respective colleges, which helps in achieving a better credit.

You can choose from the range of topics on Internships available with us, for which the student has to pay.

The duration varies from 3 months to one year depending on the type of Internship.

After completing the internship, the student’s resume will be put on our job portal,

The number of projects allotted will vary based on the tenure. A student opting for Internship III(  3months tenure) will be completing 1 project.

Depending on the work flow and projects, students are allotted their schedule.

There will be two shifts in a day. The shift time will be fixed based on the workflow and student’s free time.