RPL can be defined as the process of recognising previous learning, often experiential, towards gaining a qualification.

In India, most of semi skilled workforce, pick up skills and knowledge in an informal set up by observing people or working under their guidance or through complete self-learning. As a result, even though they manage to get a job and earn a decent wage or salary, they may not be able to improve their skill. . Reconciling these issues is at the core of RPL framework in India.

Individuals with prior learning experience or skills shall be assessed and certified under the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) component of the Scheme. Project Implementing Agencies (PIAs), such as Sector Skill Councils (SSCs) or any other designated agencies shall be incentivized to implement RPL projects in any of the three Project Types (RPL Camps, RPL at Employers Premises and RPL centres). The Project Implementing Agencies may offer Bridge Courses to RPL candidates to fill the knowledge gap.

Younglogix is one of the designated agencies for implementing RPL

Benefits of RPL

  • It Provides access to formal studies
  • It allows to complete formal education in short time at less cost.
  • Unrecognised skills are certified.
  • It empowers adult learners.
  • Creates opportunity for those who did not receive formal education
  • It removes all barriers to learning